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Mspede for Maemo has just landed on our Maemo 5 Applications page. Mspede is a game in which you must tap the lights that blink, as quickly as you can. The longer you play, the faster they blink, so you need to speed up your reflexes in order to score big. Mspede is a free game for the Nokia N900, and is available to download from our Maemo 5 Applications page. Check out the gameplay demo of Mspede after the jump.

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Marble Maze 2 is the sequel to the very well known Marble Maze game, and brings with it a host of cool new features and 70 new levels. Marble Maze 2 has a new treadmill feature, which drags the ball in different directions at set points, making it even more challenging. Check out the video demo of the game after the break, and you can see just how tricky this new version can be. Marble Maze 2 is available for all S60 5th Edition devices and can be downloaded for free from our S60 5th Edition Applications page.

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Check out this face detection/tracking demo that uses the front facing camera of the Nokia N900. The game is called BurgerFace, and the task is to collect as many burgers and dodge as many knives as you can by simply moving your head from side to side as the controller. This cool innovative concept is just another glimpse at the power behind this device. Video after the jump.

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Check out this cool demo showing a how Manikantan interfaced his Nokia N97 mini with GameFactory and used it to control a jeep in the game. GameFactory is an advanced game engine developed by research teams inside NTU’s GameLab, headed by Prof. Seah. As you can see, he controls the jeep in the game by using the built in accelerometer of the Nokia N97 mini. Video after the break.

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