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Check out this awesome Ovi promotional video which showcases some of the most compelling Nokia applications, including Facebook, Gravity, and Qik. The video has been directed by Hiro Murai, a famous music video director, who illustrates in a very unique way, what your mobile phone can do with these applications.

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The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has been connected to a desktop PC via bluetooth using WeeWheel, only to experience the thrill of using a mobile phone as a controller. WeeWheel is the application that utilizes the built in accelerometer to detect movement and converts it into joystick-like signals for your PC. Check out the short video demo after the break.

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NeuroSky is a company that specialises in biosensor technology. It’s Brain-Computer Interface technology is available to developers and researchers across a range of industries. Brain Maze is a game that allows the showcase of this technology on a Nokia handset, using tilt and brain interaction as the primary control. Using the NeuroSky Mindset Headset, the user must adopt the appropriate mental state (either meditative or attentive) at certain points in the game to unlock brain controlled gates within the game. Check out the video demo on the Nokia N97 after the break.

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Nokia announced another great game last week which is also due to hit the Ovi Store soon. Bounce Boing Battle is a multiplayer addition to the ‘Bounce’ range, and pits two players against each other using two separate Nokia S60 5th Edition handsets. Opponents must bounce a ball back and forth in an attempt to get it past one another’s goal. As the ball approaches your side of the court, use your Nokia’s touch capabilities to draw a line in front of the ball. If you draw the line at the correct time at the correct spot, the ball flings back at an angle depending on the direction of your line. Check out the trailer for this game after the break.

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