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Check out this awesome visibility test of the Nokia E7‘s ClearBlack display, and how it fairs in the real world. As you will see from the video, the visibility in daylight has significantly improved when put next to the likes of the Nokia N900. Hit the jump to see it for yourself. I really hope Nokia continue to use this technology on all future devices, whether touch or non-touch.

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Nokia’s new Symbian^3 powered devices have brought with them some innovative solutions. This is one huge factor about Nokia that I love – Convergence. It’s about creating solutions rather than ‘bandage apps’ to carry out tasks. Check out this short video demo after the break of how to activate the torch feature on the new Symbian^3 devices that sport a Dual LED flash (Nokia E7, C7, C6-01).

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Check out this awesome video recording demonstration of the ‘Low Light’ and ‘Night Mode’ features using the 12 megapixel HD camera of the Nokia N8. This is by far the best camera-phone to date, by any manufacturer. But what makes the Nokia N8 even more astounding is the fact that it doesnt end there. Communication, navigation, and connectivity are all taken that one step further as we witness the Nokia N8 create a whole new category in mobile technology – Super-smartphone.

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I’m not too sure if walk and drive directions in was available on the Nokia N900 prior to the new firmware v20.2010.36-2 (PR 1.3), but I’m sure it wasn’t there the last time I checked, which I guess was a while back as Ovi Maps isn’t exactly an asset for this Maemo 5 powered palmtop. However I stumbled across it and thought I’d give you guys a quick heads up, so check out the mini preview after the jump.

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