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Theremin for Maemo 5 has just popped up in the Maemo Extras Repositories and brings with it some interesting food for thought. First of all, Theremin for Maemo is a virtual musical instrument application that you can use to emulate various different instruments in true Theremin form. You can change the sound, pitch and volume of each instrument as well as share and listen to other Theremin users. When playing the instruments, Theremin allows you to press up to two different notes at the same time, which is technically classed as multi-touch. But what’s exciting is that if this sort of multi-touch input is possible on the Nokia N900, other applications could potentially utilize this capability. Check out the video after the break and let us know what you think.

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Nokia Messaging for Social Networks is a developmental branch of Nokia’s extremely competent, Nokia Messaging Service. With Messaging for Social Networks, Nokia has implemented a great solution connecting both Twitter and Facebook to the Nokia Messaging Client. You can view posts, update your status and comment on messages directly from the application, and as it’s currently still in the Beta phase, more social networks will gradually become available. Check out the video preview after the break, where Nokia demos the different features that are built into this converged solution/application.

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As the release of Symbian^3 draws inevitably close, the anticipation for what Nokia has in store is becoming pretty exciting. Today we managed to get our hands on a couple of very cool videos demonstrating some of the features of the upcoming Symbian^4 OS. The first video takes a quick look at the multiple homescreens, implemented with versatile widget support, similar to that of the Nokia N900. The second video showcases the Photo Gallery application, which is pretty cool and has a sort of thumbnail mini map when viewing photos in full screen. All I can say is that the delay in releasing a new device can only mean that there is something big about to hit us soon, and the excitement is definitely building up here. Check out the video demos at the break, and let us know what you think.

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When taking a step back from the fast growing mobile devices industry, we can see that technology has progressed far beyond what we initially expected. Mobile phones as we knew them are now a thing of the past as they now pack more than just telephony features. Most mobile handsets now come with many modern standards in terms of features; high quality photo capture and video recording capabilities, turn-by-turn navigation, connectivity choices from Bluetooth to sharing online, and web browsing technologies emulating the desktop experience.

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