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Thanks to WOMWorld Nokia, I arrived in London earlier today and spent the evening at the NokiaUsers MeetUp at the 1000Heads HQ. It was great to meet the people behind some of the great blogs we follow and love. I also had an invite to an evening with Ovi, where three lucky winners bagged themselves the Nokia N8 for keeps!! Hit the jump to get a quick round up of what went on.

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As our regular readers are probably aware, we had the Nokia E72 during the unboxing challenge set by WOMWorld, but not only did they send us the handset, they also crammed the Nokia Extra Power DC-11 into the package. Now I’ve personally spent quite a bit of money on portable power in the past, and none of the chargers that I have bought seem to make the cut. The huge selection of connectors, adjustable cords, and all the other gimmickry, just made it a chore to have to pack all these little finicky pieces into one bag to carry around. All I wanted was a simple, reliable and compact solution, and I think I may have just stumbled upon the perfect one.

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In October 2009 Londoner’s woke up to see a signpost the size of two London buses suspended next to Tower Bridge, and we were lucky enough to be there for the launch courtesy of WOMWorld. The sign celebrated the release of the Nokia N97 mini with built-in Ovi Maps, and asked people to send in their “Good Things.” It swung around all day to point to all the “Good Things” from all around the world, and although the sign has since been removed, the good things remain and have got even better. Check out the event footage after the break.

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Late last year WOMWorld kindly provided me with the Nokia E72 for trial, which I have been using as my main device for around a month. The Nokia E72 is Nokia’s latest Eseries flagship device, that has all the business orientated features you need, packed nicely into a slim and compact design. The E72 is also the first in the Eseries range to sport a 5 megapixel camera, finally bringing Eseries up to par with the Nokia Nseries. The Nokia E72 does have a lot to live up to, bearing in mind the success of its predecessor the Nokia E71. The latter was by far the greatest Nokia handset of 2008, winning multiple awards in Best Smartphone and Phone of the Year categories. I personally still have the Nokia E71 as my companion, and so its time to see whether the E72 has what it takes to carry the torch forward.

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