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As the release of Symbian^3 draws inevitably close, the anticipation for what Nokia has in store is becoming pretty exciting. Today we managed to get our hands on a couple of very cool videos demonstrating some of the features of the upcoming Symbian^4 OS. The first video takes a quick look at the multiple homescreens, implemented with versatile widget support, similar to that of the Nokia N900. The second video showcases the Photo Gallery application, which is pretty cool and has a sort of thumbnail mini map when viewing photos in full screen. All I can say is that the delay in releasing a new device can only mean that there is something big about to hit us soon, and the excitement is definitely building up here. Check out the video demos at the break, and let us know what you think.

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Check out this AAVA Reference Design, running on a QT based UI, which is the frame work for the upcoming MeeGo OS. The demo is showcased on AAVA’s Moblin 2.1 smartphone, and is just a glimpse at what’s yet to come from Nokia. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get to see some real Nokia demos of it’s new Mobile Computing OS. Video after the break.

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Check out this cool demo of UIEMO on the Nokia N900. UIEMO is Nokia’s new UI framework built on top of Qt. Like Qt, it is easy to compile across various platforms, like Symbian, Maemo, and Windows. The UI Extensions for Mobile demo was made on top of newly released UIEMO framework in less than a week. The demo fetches content dynamically from Tieto’s own server. Content can include for example news feeds and updates from social networks like Facebook and Flickr.

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Nokia WRT is a development and delivery platform that allows the creation of applications (widgets) based on standard web technologies. Forum Nokia have just release a video demo of the Guarana UI Library – A complete UI and application framework built on top of jQuery to create and deploy Web Runtime widgets in a friendly way. Check out the goods after the jump.

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