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For those of you who take your gaming seriously, it’s probably come as no surprise that the number of platforms seems to advance at a frankly ridiculous pace. No sooner have you acquired the latest, must-have piece of kit before two new ones are released and an upgrade for the one you’ve just bought. With the world moving towards the idea of motion control and photo realism, where can a gamers go to just play some good old fashioned games?

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Nokia has finished its scheduled maintenance of the Ovi Store and has provided us with a quick update as to what changes have been made. The main focus for this update was to make it easier to browse, search and discover content, improve the quality of content reviews (e.g. change from 3 to 5 star rating system) and provide more detailed product information to help consumers decide on what to buy. Check out the rest of the details of this update after the break.

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