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We recently brought to you the news of Nokia Reader Beta – a RSS reader for Nokia’s touch screen phones. Although it has some great features, it requires you to manually input all your RSS feed, which can be a drag, if like me, you’re a Google Reader user and your list is endless. Well, check out the video after the break of a cracking little Google Reader app based on Qt Quick/QML, which means it will not only run on Symbian^3 but also on Maemo and upcoming Meego devices.


Forum Nokia introduces a new Twitter Client example made with Qt Quick/QML. The app features a scrollable timeline along with a few basic features. Hit the jump for the video.


TwimGo by Tommi Luakkanen is a Twitter client written in Web Runtime (WRT) and is currently available for Symbian^3 devices. However the new version of TwimGo 2.5, which is still currently under development, has been completely rewritten in Qt Quick/QML, and brings some cracking UI changes. TwimGo 2.5 will become available across all platforms soon. Hit the jump for the video preview.


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