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Yesterday I received an email with the news that Nokia has announced that the updated Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo! service has been released. You can now invite your Yahoo! Messenger friends and Ovi Chat friends into your friend list, giving you access to an even larger community for chatting. Hit the jump to find out more.

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Earlier this year, Nokia announced its collaboration with Yahoo! and that together they aim to offer compelling Internet experiences. As part of this alliance, Yahoo! would become the exclusive, global provider of Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat services branded as “Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo!” Well, over the last six months there has been substantial progress with this venture, and Nokia has today announced that Ovi Mail / Ovi Chat will now be powered by Yahoo! Hit the jump to find out more.

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Ovi Magazine Issue 2 | Your Guide To Ovi by Nokia

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Ovi Contacts web has recently been updated and now lets you use your contacts in both Ovi Mail and Ovi Suite, with more Ovi services to follow suit. Most of the new Ovi Contacts work was done under the covers, but you can see minor UI changes that make your first use easier; for example, contact and group creation now has better usability, and the Contacts list view now allows you to see and sort 100 contacts at one time. The product has gone through a public beta and revamped with user generated feedback in mind.

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