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Nokia has announced the launch of two new low end smartphones in the form of the Nokia X2 (X2-01) and the Nokia C2 (C2-01). The X2-01 will be available for around £70.00 GBP and the C2-01 for around £60.00 GBP, before taxes and subsidies. Hit the jump to find out more.

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Nokia has announced that there are currently more than 200,000 new users signing up to Ovi everyday, and that Ovi Store has reached the milestone of 2.3 million downloads per day as more than 90 percent of visits are converting into downloads. Available in more than 190 countries, Ovi is discovered through Maps, Music, Messaging, Store and in select countries, Life Tools. The number of active Nokia service users has now reached almost 140 million worldwide.

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With a great user experience, an aggressive global rollout plan and a focus on local relevance, Nokia felt that it was time to commend some of the key milestones the Nokia services have achieved. Taking a look at some of the Ovi services, there has already been more than three million Ovi Maps downloaded to date, the average person using Comes With Music downloads 500 free songs in the first few weeks of using the service, which would cost about EUR 450 from iTunes, and the Ovi Store experiences more than one million downloads a day. Nokia also highlighted the success of its Messaging, Money and Life Tools services. Check out the full press release after the break.

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Nokia has unveiled the 2710 Navigation Edition, the cheapest GPS enabled device to date, and is expected to be popular in the developed and developing world alike and has been developed with urban environments, small towns, as well as rural areas in mind. Incorporating straight line navigation with the assistance of an integrated digital compass, it also includes turn-by-turn driving navigation with full voice guidance. 

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