Nokia N900

27 August 2009:

18 May 2006

Operating System:

Maemo 5

Device Description:

The Nokia N900 is a high performance mobile computer with advanced Maemo 5 Linux software. Explore Nokia N900 features like multitasking on a live Dashboard, wide screen video capture, 3.5″ WVGA touch display (800 x 480 pixels), QWERTY keyboard and personalisable panoramic desktop. The Nokia N900 also features 1 GB of application memory and up to 48GB of storage. Maemo browser is powered by Mozilla Technology and includes Adobe Flash 9.4 and full AJAX support. Wi-Fi and 3.5G connectivity provides fast access to Internet. Take high quality photos and wide screen videos using 5Mpix camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Merge your phone book, Skype contacts and other contacts into an all-in-one address book. And naturally, N900 has a phone application for voice calls.

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