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Check out this artist’s concept of the future of the Symbian UI. The video demo was also shown in Lee Williams’ keynote at SEE 2009. This concept is not part of the Symbian UI Roadmap, however Symbian Foundation have noted that they are hoping that some of the cool features and effects make it into their reference UI and/or some delivered handsets.

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Matthew Bennett of N Series US has managed to get his hands on the Nokia N900, and has put together an article that was almost entirely edited on the N900 itself. The application used to post the article is called MaemoWordPy, which is a WordPress client for the Maemo OS. He talks you through the various features with screenshots, so head on over and check it out.

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Norman John over at SymbianWorld has put together a great guide on how to update the firmware on all S60 handsets. This all comes in the anticipation of the new 2.0 Firmware due to hit all N97 users very soon. The 2.0 Firmware is probably the most anticipated firmware update in Nokia history, never before has a firmware update been bragged about by Nokia, and as you all remember it was even showcased at Nokia World 2009. The new firmware will bring along many great features to the Nokia N97 including kinetic scrolling, more allocated storage space and even more widgets. Check out the article which also features a video tutorial to make things even easier to understand.

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