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Symbian^3 devices such as the Nokia N8, C7 and E7, all bring multiple homescreens to your Nokia handset, allowing you to customise the look of your device and have the apps and services you want instantly at the flick of a finger. Currently all these devices only support up to three homescreens, however the Symbian community have cooked up a version that allows you to have up to six homescreens, along with some other cool features. Hit the jump for the video demo and to find out more.

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The Maemo Community Council and Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh have announced today the launch of a Maemo 5 Community Seamless Software Update Project (CSSU). CSSU is currently being developed by the Maemo Community, for the Maemo community, and it aims to deliver fixes which can’t be delivered easily through Extras, such as core Nokia N900 packages. Hit the jump to find out more.

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So what else have you discovered about your very-capable Nokia N8. How about connecting it to some USB speakers via USB On-The-Go, and playing music through the desktop speakers on-the-go. Not possible I hear you say, as a sufficient power source is required. Right? Well, I never thought it was possible too until I saw this video, hit the jump to take a look.

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Previously we’ve seen a Nokia remotely control many things, from Niko – The LEGO Robot to the AR Drone, just some examples of what creative developers have managed to get their Nokia handset to do. Well check out this video after the break, where An Jiaxuan and a friend take control of a real BMW 1 Series using the Nokia C7. Its not the technology… Its what you do with it…

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