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The guys over at IntoMobile have got their hands on the Nokia Booklet 3G and have provided a quick overview of its hardware. The Nokia Booklet 3G is Nokia’s first entry into the Netbook market, and to be fair, it hasn’t failed to disappoint. It comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition and packs a 10.1″ screen, capable of displaying 720p. With a staggering 12 hour battery life and ultra-portable aluminum chassis, the Booklet 3G allows you to remain truly mobile with ease. Video after the jump.


The Nokia Booklet 3G is finally available for UK customers via nokia.co.uk. Up until now, Nokia’s booklet has only been available to pre-order in the UK, but now you can purchase it directly from Nokia for a rather suprising £649. The Nokia Booklet 3G comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition and packs a 10.1″ screen capable of displaying 720p. With a phenomenal 12 hour battery life and ultra-portable aluminum chassis, the Booklet 3G allows you to remain truly mobile with ease.


So what would you do with a stack of Nokia’s Windows 7 powered Booklet 3G’s? Well, the guys over at WOMWorld had a great idea, and decided to play a game of ‘Guess Who.’ Check out the video after the break.


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