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Recently I bought my wife the Nokia N8 as an early birthday present and with free voice guided navigation out of the box, she was left in need of a suitable car holder. So I began the search and found many available options. Hit the jump to find out why I settled for the Nokia Universal Holder CR-114.

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The Nokia BH-217 Bluetooth Headsetis one of Nokia’s latest bluetooth headsets and offers a variety of cool features which include automatic volume adjustment,  noise-cancellation, and multipoint – which means you can finally connect your headset to two phones simultaneously. However its also the first headset to sport a cracking new feature called ‘Always Ready’. More on that after the break. I had the pleasure of playing with this headset at Nokia World 2010 and just had to get myself one. Check out my thoughts, along with an extensive gallery for your viewing pleasure, after the jump.

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If you’ve managed to get your hands on the new Nokia N8, you would have instantaneously noticed that although its matte aluminium finish looks exquisite, it is quite slippery in the hands, and the last thing you’d want to do is drop it. Well, unlike in the past, Nokia has created a very cool custom silicone cover for the N8, instead of some belt clip case or a glorified sock to ‘protect it’. The Nokia Silicone Cover CC-1005 is a must have accessory for your Nokia N8 and we highly recommend you to get one. Hit the jump to find out more.

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The first thing my wife said to me when she was playing around with the Nokia N8 was that she felt as though it needed a stylus. Maybe this was because she was so used to it on the Nokia N900 I have or maybe some of the aspects of the device aren’t quite as finger friendly as they could be. Well if you feel the same then check out this cracking little accessory which my buddy Devin stumbled upon – The Nokia Capacitive Stylus SU-39.

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