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Toni Nikkanen managed to install Windows 3.11 on the Nokia N900 and the installation process completed smoothly. It did however become a little slow, and the mouse support was not good at all, so he ended up using a laptop with X11VNC for controlling the mouse for the video. The device has great potential, and its interesting to see how far enthusiasts can ‘push’ their N900’s.

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Wreak havoc in the biggest monster smash on mobile. Smash, crush and stomp your way through fully destructible 3D cities to gain more power, strength and speed. With a few surprises along the way – who knows what these cute, cuddly and colossal creatures are capable of! This is what happens when a mad scientist gets his hands on a borrowed gene splicer, a surplus government nuclear reactor and a supply of adorable animals – Mega Monsters! Choose your monster and prepare to wreak havoc for those who get in your way!

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As you all know I was in London last week courtesy of WomWorld, attending Nokia’s ‘Secret Event’ of the new Ovi Maps and Good Things. It was an incredible experience and there were nine other bloggers invited from all around the world. It was great to meet them all in person and get to know them a little better. As for the event we were set a challenge, to navigate our way around London finding all the ‘good things’ and later have a Q&A with the Ovi Maps product manager Arshia Varlet. Check out the full story and more after the jump…

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A signpost the size of two London buses was suspended next to the capital’s iconic Tower Bridge as Nokia asks Brits to map out – and point to – the nation’s ‘Good Things’. To celebrate the launch of the Nokia N97 mini with in-built OVI Maps, the 40ft long signpost was unveiled on the 23rd October, asking people to send in their ‘Good Things’ to or text 62010 to have it displayed above London’s skyline.

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