Maemo 5 Applications

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Bounce Evolution

Use the intuitive motion control to guide your character Bounce through beautiful scenery.


Lybniz is a simple mathematical function graph plotter.

FM Radio

Turn the N900 into a FM radio


Maemo Application for note taking

Password Safe

Password Safe – keeps a blowfish encrypted password list


Enrich contacts’ information from social networks.

VNC Viewer

A VNC viewer for maemo

Personal Photo Frame

Display a photo or slideshow on your desktop


Classic 2D jump ‘n run sidescroller with Tux.

AlmostTI Graphing Calc Emulator

TI programmable calculator emulator


Periodic table of chemical elements.


Mauku brings micro-blogging into the Maemo environment. It currently supports Twitter, but will support also Facebook and other services soon.


Nako (Näkö) is a pexeso-like single player game.

Droid Fonts

Font, used by Google’s Android, with extensive style and language support.


Keep track of all your sports and outdoor activities with the GPS-based eCoach application.

Personal IP Address

Personal IP Address for your desktop. A handy reminder of your IP address right on your desktop

Personal Dataplan Monitor

Personal GPRS Monitor for your desktop. Keep track of your received and transmitted GPRS data to help avoid overage charges.

AdBlock Plus

Ad blocking plugin for Maemo Browser


Solarwolf is an action/arcade game featuring amazing graphics and cool music. It is is originally based on the SolarFox game on the Atari 2600.

gPodder Podcast Client

gPodder is a podcast receiver/catcher with an optimized interface for Maemo 5 and the N900 to make downloading and listening to podcasts easy on the go.

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