Maemo 5 Applications

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An asteroids clone that lets you pilot your ship through the dreaded “Maelstrom” asteroid belt in the quest to survive the deadliest stretch of space known to mankind.


ColEm will run software written for ColecoVision videogame console.


A basic stopwatch with portrait mode support. Stopish is the beginning of what will become an advanced stopwatch and countdown timer.


Maep is a tile based map utility for services like openstreetmap, google maps and virtual earth.


View/Record/Playback accelerometer’s raw data in a graphical manner.

N900 Fly

Uses the accelerometer to measure how high you can throw your N900. A irresponsible party piece for the daring.


A large clock including a day and night world map.

System Info Widget

A simple desktop widget that shows the cpu usage as percentage and memory usage as megabytes.

Bullshit Bingo

Bingo-style game, perfect for a boring meeting.

Free42 HP Calculator

HP RPN style calculator based on Free42.


An exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice.

Decoders Support

Support for additional video and audio decoders.

OpenVPN Applet

OpenVPN Applet is a status menu plugin for controlling OpenVPN connections.


OpenVPN is an application to securely tunnel IP networks over a single UDP or TCP port. It can be used to access remote sites, make secure point-to-point connections, enhance wireless security, etc.


Panucci will automatically resume the playback of audio books and podcasts from the position where you stopped last time.


A complete conversion utility.

100 Boxes

A simple yet challenging single-player puzzle game.

Vulture’s Eye

Vulture’s Eye is a version of Nethack with a graphical 3D interface similar to the commercial Diablo RPG.


Speccy will run software written for Sinclair ZX Spectrum 8bit home computer and its clones.


MSX home computer emulator .

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