Maemo 5 Applications

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Scans for available wireless networks and display the details in various different ways.

Who Am I

Guess what’s on the photo.


An implementation of the traditional italian card game.

Sensitive Motion

A remake of the classic C64 Game.


A user content.css file which blocks ads and disables Flash from being shown until clicked upon.


Enables the proximity sensor and camera key to be configured into a shortcut key.

WiFi Switcher

A status bar plugin that allows you to turn the WiFi on/off.

Desktop Photo Slideshow Widget

A widget that displays a slideshow of your images.

Push It

A simple Sokoban clone.


A simple application that shows raw data from the GPS subsystem.

Kobo Deluxe

A third person scrolling 2D shooter with a simple and responsive control system.

Pedometer Home Widget

Count the number of steps you’ve taken using the Nokia N900’s accelerometer.


Roadrunner alerts you when approaching speed cameras. It is currently available for France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and UK.


Fring lets you make free calls, live chat, swap files and more over the handset’s internet connection.

MSN (Pecan) Protocol Plugin

MSN protocol plugin that uses msn-pecan.


A simple implementation of the ‘five in a row’ game.


Measure the correct steeping time for tea.


QStarDict is a modern international dictionary written using Qt4.

Quick Brown Fox

Allows you to quickly take a look at fonts, either installed on the system or stored in the directory.


An implementation of the classic Freecell cardgame for the Maemo platform.

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