Maemo 5 Applications

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Randomly generated Sudoku puzzles allows the game to have no limit.


Control panel applet for tweaking Profiles, desktop bookmarks, reassigning hardware keys and more.


A simple ruler application.


A simple dice application.

Extended Call Log

A view of the complete call history.


Archive, view and export SMS/IM messages or call history from the event logger.

Desktop Command Execution Widget

Presents the updated result of a custom shell command in your desktop.


Platform-dependent part of fbreader.


Modifier on the phonetic Russian keyboard layout for the RX-51 hardware keyboard.


A source code editor specially designed for devices running Maemo.

CPUMem Applet

Show CPU and memory usage in small status-area icon.

Iconset Epona for OMWeather

Epona Iconset for OMWeather.

Iconset Grzankas for OMWeather

Grzankas Iconset for OMWeather.

Iconset Contour for OMWeather

Contour Iconset for OMWeather.

Iconset Tango for OMWeather

Tango Iconset for OMWeather.

Iconset Beginning for OMWeather

Beginning Iconset for OMWeather.

Iconset Shiny for OMWeather

Shiny Iconset for OMWeather.


A simple lights out clone. Simply switch off all the lights in the minimum amount of moves.


An old school shoot em’ up using the N900’s accelerometer. It s a “clone” of MineStorm on Vectrex.


BatteryGraph will record the battery statistics on a regular interval and shows the results in a graph.

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