Maemo 5 Applications

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Sygic Mobile Maps

Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation software converts the Nokia N900 into a full-featured navigation device.


A small puzzle game where you have to remove groups of coloured bubbles to collect points.


Test your speed by pushing the colored buttons as they blink.

Battery Eye

Battery level logging and graphical visualization for Maemo 5.

Pidgin Extra Protocols (Bonjour And Sametime)

Pidgin Internet Messanger

Adds Bonjour and Sametime support to Pidgin and Telepathy (via Haze).


A sleep widget to pause the music player, etc, after a user-defined period of time (in minutes).


The most famous graph drawing program in the world.

OMWeather Database For

Stations database and source lib for


Test the GPS, Dual LED’s, vibration, cameras and display System Information.

Pidgin Language Support

Pidgin Internet Messanger

Pidgin Localization.

Pidgin Status Menu Plugin

View Pidgin in the status area.


Provides a D-Bus interface for reading the proximity sensor.


A simple four function calculator.

Headphone Daemon

Automatically pauses the media player when headphones are unplugged.

PyQt4 Full Install

Complete Python binding set for Qt4.

PyQt4 Documentation

Python Qt bindings demos, examples and documentation.

GUI Frontend For Rsync

Front-end for rsync, a command line directory synchronization tool.


A virtual musical instrument with support for many different instruments.


A simple widget to record the a phone conversation.

Maemo Feed Handler

RSS Feed Handler for the Maemo Browser.


Geographical mapping and driving directions.

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