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The Windows Phone Marketplace is Microsoft’s mobile phone app store, and will eventually become the new application store for Nokia users. Following the recent partnership announcement from Nokia and Microsoft, the Ovi Store, along with the rest of the Ovi services, are set to receive some major changes, ultimately being replaced or combined with Microsoft’s offerings. So where does the Windows Phone Marketplace currently stand when compared to the rest of the industry? Hit the jump to find out more.

The Windows Phone Marketplace is one of the more recent app stores to materialise, as it received it’s launch just a few months ago in October 2010. Apple initially set this ‘app store’ trend with the release of the Apple App Store in July 2008, and many mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit since, all releasing their versions to compete in the ‘app mad’ society we now find ourselves living in.

The Windows Phone Marketplace currently has more than 8,000 available apps. This is a substantial amount considering the time it’s been around. To put it into perspective, within the same time period, Apple only had 3,000 available apps and Google’s Android Market had only 800. Although figures on Nokia’s Ovi Store have not yet been released, I assume the number is far lower than Microsoft’s current figures.

The Ovi Store currently hosts around 30,000 apps, and is experiencing daily download rates of around 4M. This is huge amount considering its position when the Windows Phone Marketplace launched in October 2010, when it was serving 2.3M daily downloads.

The task now is to persuade developers to either port their apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace or to begin developing for Windows Phone OS. However, with the combination of a significant presence in the US by Microsoft, and the global reach in developing communities by Nokia, the challenge to persuade developers may not be that difficult.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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