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The Ovi Store Client for Symbian devices has recently been updated to v2.04.00038. This patch release fixes a major search bug, that previously grouped apps sharing the same metadata as versions of the same app, resulting in an inaccurate search result. There is also bug fixes for TMO US E72 Customers. Hit the jump to find out more.

What do consumers gain through this release?

  • Consumers with Symbian^3 devices will have support for the download and installation of Qt-based applications, through the use of the Qt Smart Installer. Users will now be able to access a much wider universe of content in the Ovi Store and developers will experience faster throughput to publishing. The Qt Smart Installer may require some users to download additional software to properly run the Qt-based applications.  In order to better inform Ovi Store users, we have added an additional dialog to the content item screen that is standard for all Qt-based applications; the dialog informs the user that more software may be needed and advises them to use a WLAN connection.
  • Customers will see more relevant search results when searching for certain items (more detail is available in the “Release Detail” section below).
  • TMO US E72 and 5230 customers will again be able to access the store from their embedded bookmarks, redressing a bug in the current client platform.

Aside from this, the Ovi Suite also received a minor update to v3.0.0.29. This update offers:

  • Simplified sync of contacts to,
  • Switch to syncing contacts directly between the device and Ovi
  • Important fixes to connecting the device and computer.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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