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Nokia phones have been known for great things over the years, and voice quality is definitely one of them. While some smartphone owners may rave about their phone’s ability to land airplanes, you’ll find many complaints regarding the voice quality when using the handset. After all, a phone’s primary feature is, well, a phone! (and to play Angry Birds). Hit the jump to find out more.

HD Voice is a new audio technology that enables significantly enhanced audio quality on mobile phone calls. It doubles the audio bandwidth available using an industry specified speech codec called Wideband Adaptive Multirate Speech (WB-AMR) which extends audio bandwidth from 300-3400 Hz to 50-7000 Hz. Higher bandwidth creates a more natural sound, providing clarity within spoken words and a more realistic voice.

HD voice requires both the caller and the call receiver to have a HD voice enabled handset on HD voice enabled networks. Currently around 10 networks across 9 countries including the UK and India support HD Voice, with more operators to adopted this technology in the future. Check out this audio comparison featured a while back courtesy of Engadget.

Nokia currently has around 15 HD Voice enabled devices on the market, which include the Nokia N8, Nokia C7, and even in the lower end Nokia C3-01. The upcoming Nokia E7 will also feature this technology and we should see HD Voice become a standard feature in Nokia’s future devices.

In the video below, Martin Stanford of Sky News, makes a phone call from a HD Voice enabled Nokia over the Orange network and again with a Blackberry without HD Voice.

He goes on to say, “We’ve squeezed more speech information into our network. So at the moment, with normal phone calling, only a very small portion of your voice is actually transmitted, which makes it actually quite hard to hear phone calls. That means background noise is more of a problem. What were doing now is using a much cleverer system. So we can use the same resource on the system, but actually squeeze more of your voice into it.”

Any of you currently using a handset that features HD Voice? Care to voice your thoughts? Drop a comment below and let us know whether you can hear the difference.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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