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Here’s another leaked preview of some of the big changes coming soon to Symbian^3 in the new firmware update. This time its the new web browser and the portrait QWERTY keyboard. Hit the jump to find out more.

Looking at the leaked screenshots below, you can see that the new web browser has the address bar at the top of the screen, which poses as a unified URL and Search bar, similar to that on the Nokia N900. It seems Maemo 5 has been very influential on Symbian^3, with the multiple homescreens and interactive widgets, the new leaked multitasking view and now the improved web browser. There is also a persistent back button in bottom left of screen.

The new portrait QWERTY keyboard is also a feature much requested by the community, (see my rant here). We’ve also previously seen implementations of a 3rd party Nokia N8 portrait QWERTY keyboard. Well it seems as though Nokia has listened and have included this in the upcoming update. The new keyboard is, unlike the landscape version, a partial overlay of the screen instead of covering it all up. The letters appear in elongated buttons which should make it easier to type. There is a small change in the Symbols/Number button too, which is displayed as 12# instead of 1*.

More leaks are showing up regarding this new update which can only mean one thing, its not far off now. I’m sure many of you are as eager to get your hands on with this new update, so in the mean time why not let us know what features you want added, and whether or not your happy with the potential new features you’ve seen so far. Make sure you also check out the new Maemo 5 styled multitasking UI leak.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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