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Is there a new multitasking UI coming to Symbian^3? Well check out this image of some QT Quick Apps being showcased on the Nokia E7. If that multitasking UI looks familiar, its because it is very similar to the one on Nokia’s Maemo 5 powered N900. Hit the jump to find out more.

Currently the Multitasking view on Symbian^3 is not as pictured in the image above. The current view comes in a scrollable thumbnail format, which to be honest is an improvement from Symbian^1 devices, but a little less intuitive when compared to the UI on the Nokia N900. If this is one of the big changes coming to Symbian^3 in the new firmware update coming soon, then it will be welcomed with open arms. Its currently the best way to have a quick glance at all your open apps and easily switch between them.

The images below show the current multitasking UI on Symbian^3 devices on the left and on the Maemo 5 powered Nokia N900 on the right.

What do you think? Are you big on multitasking? Would you like to see this new multitasking UI come to Symbian^3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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