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This week Nokia Beta Labs announced that they have updated both the Ovi Contacts to v1.5 and Ovi Calendar to v1.6. Ovi Contacts v1.5 is mainly a graphic face-lift of the service but also includes some performance tweaks. Ovi Calendar v1.6 finally brings multiple calendars to your Nokia S60 handset. In this day and age, multiple calendars have become more of a necessity than a nice feature, and so it is great that Nokia have decided to implement this into the service. Although it would be even better if these services were completed pronto and final versions were released. You can find more details on both these services after the break, and as always, beta software is usually only available for a limited number of devices.

With Ovi Contacts, you can let your friends know what you are doing and where you are. You can also check your friends’ status messages to see what your friends are up to. Ovi Contacts is all about keeping in touch with people who matter.

If you have used Nokia Chat you will find Ovi Contacts mobile application familiar.

Key Features:

  • Presence: Let your friends know if you are available, busy or on the phone. Check your friends’ availability.
  • Enhanced presence: You can share – or hide – your favorite places with your friends. You can also let your friends know what you are listening to.
  • Chat: Get in touch with your friends with chat. Convey your messages with emotions and share your location on the map via chat.
  • If you are a current Ovi Calendar user, the existing Ovi Calendar data will be imported for you to use in Ovi Calendar 1.6 Beta. (Note that any changes you make will be changing your original data). To start using the Ovi Calendar 1.6 Beta, visit and sign in with your Nokia Account.

    Ovi Calendar 1.6 helps you to manage your calendars, notes and to-do items more effectively and allows you to coordinate more easily with those close to you.

    Key Features: 

    • Create and edit multiple calendars on the Calendar website to more naturally organize the different aspects of your life (e.g. Family, Friends, Work)
    • Create and edit notes and to-do items and associate them with calendars or group them into new categories you create
    • Share calendars and their associated notes and to-do items with your family, friends or colleagues using the Calendar website and sync the shared items to your devices

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    Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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