Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

FreeMinMon for S60 is an Inclusive Allowance monitor for your Nokia smartphone. It estimates the usage of your inclusive minutes and texts/SMS in the allocated period using the data from the built in Log application. The duration of all outgoing voice calls in the accounting period is calculated along with the sum of all sent texts/SMS, providing you with enough information to avoid those costly bills. FreeMinMon is available for all S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition devices.

FreeMinMon makes it very easy to track your inclusive allowance usage. Simply enter the dates of when your free allowance starts, key in the amount of allowance for calls and texts/SMS and your good to go. If you receive free units as well as free minutes/texts, you also have the option to define this measure. Some data plans also allowed unlimited calls to certain numbers, and therefore FreeMinMon will also let you to exclude numbers which are not deducted from the outgoing calls.

A few issues that are currently present with FreeMinMon are that firstly Multimedia messages (MMS) cannot be tracked as part of the allowance. Also data connections (UMTS/GPRS/WLAN) cannot be evaluated and Internet calls, i.e. VoIP, SIP, etc, cannot be segregated from the total minutes of outgoing calls made. But for most of you, these calls will be a rarity and therefore FreeMinMon should fulfill your needs.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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