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The Nokia Beta Labs have just announced that Ovi Mail has been updated to v2.0, and now uses the same address book as Ovi Contacts. You can view, edit, delete or create contacts from Ovi Contacts or Ovi Mail, and the changes will be reflected in both services. The Ovi umbrella is becoming more and more what Nokia wanted, a converged services solution for all Nokia users, which is great for the end user. With this new announcement  you can also now sync your device phonebook with both Ovi Contacts and Ovi Mail.

The following use case is now supported with the changes in Ovi Mail 2.0:

Save a contact and view from device:

  1. User opens an email from a friend in Ovi Mail on the web and sends a reply back
  2. Ovi Mail shows a dialog box asking if he wants to add the person to his address book. User says yes and fills in the entries and clicks on ‘Add contact’
  3. Within a few minutes, the new contact appears in Ovi Contacts on the web because Ovi Mail now is integrated with Ovi Contacts
  4. User decides to sync his phone to get the newly added contact on his phone. User can either initiate a sync from device or from Ovi Contacts on the web to sync his contacts
  5. After the sync completes, user views the Phonebook on the device and the name of the friend and the newly added email address appear in the Phonebook on the phone

You can download the new Ovi Mail 2.0 for your device here.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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