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Nokia Beta Labs has just announced Nokia Image Space, a new experimental solution for displaying and sharing your photos. There are now four different ways in which you can enhance your photo viewing and sharing experience courtesy of Nokia; Share on Ovi, Nokia Photo Browser, Nokia Image Exchange and now Nokia Image Space. What strikes me to be a little alarming is that Nokia Image Space does not integrate itself with Ovi Share and instead uses your Flickr account. What this means? Well, I’m not too sure, but I would have imagined that Nokia would’ve kept all new services and solutions under it’s Ovi umbrella.

Nokia Image Space provides you with a new view to your own photos, as well as to those from your friends and other people. If you have Flickr account and a supported Nokia phone, you can get your content contextualized easily. Apart from geotagging from GPS, the photos will have full orientation information in the metadata, which allows spatial browsing of your photos. Photos from different Image Space users are contextually linked between each other and creates a better understanding of the place you are browsing.

You simply link your Flickr account to Image Space and you can then start browsing and sharing your photos to build a view to your part of the world. Your account, privacy settings and contact lists are all handled in Flickr. You see your Flickr contacts and those photos you have access to. Moreover, the comments, tags and photo descriptions can be viewed and edited within Nokia Image Space.

To get started, download the Nokia Image Space Capture application on your Nokia handset and then visit to view your photos. Currently the following devices have been tested: Nokia N97, N97 mini, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6720 Classic but it should work on most S60 3.2 and 5.0 devices with an inbuilt compass.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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