Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from WOMWorld asking me if I was interested in taking part in an upcoming unboxing challenge. I agreed and on Monday I received a Nokia E72 with a Nokia Bluetooth Headset, locked in a glass encased box that required a four digit code to access it. Along with the box came a poster which had a clue on it reading “I’d fit in perfectly on Wall Street.” There were three other bloggers all with a same box but a different clue, and so we all got together and shared our clues to see if we could crack the code. Check out the full gallery and all the surprises after the break.

The clues were as follows:

Ibrahim Jogee – I’d fit in perfectly on Wall Street

Gerrad McGhee – I was given street cred by a world leader

Stefanos Kofopoulos – I came with a price tag of the equivalent of over 4,000EUR

Tam Hanna – I am an urban dwelling professional

Unfortunately when the box had arrived it came with a broken hinge, and so the challenge was pretty much over, however Gerrad McGee aka Gerrymoth of Nokiaadict managed to solve the puzzle, and it turned out that the code was 1987 – The year that mobile phones went handheld with the birth of the Mobira Cityman 900, which weighed in at 800 grams with a staggering price tag of around €4,560 EUR.

Once the lid of the box was off I was quite surprised with the amount of goodies WOMWorld had thrown in, so below is a quick checklist of all the items I found along with a some unboxing pictures. Click on the images to enlarge them.


  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia BP-4L Battery (1500mAh)
  • Nokia Charger AC-8
  • 4GB MicroSD Card
  • MicroUSB data cable (CA-101D)
  • Stereo Headset (WH-601)
  • Carrying case and strap
  • Cleaning cloth
  • User Guide
  • Nokia Eseries Experience Leaflet
  • Nokia PC Suite (v 7.1) on the microSD card

Extra Goodies Included:

  • Nokia Extra Power (DC-11)
  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset (BH-804)
  • 2x Charger Adapters (AD-68)
  • Carrying Strap
  • Desk Stand
  • User Guide

After spending most of the past year with the Nokia E71, plus some good hands on with various different devices, this is the device I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to see how it fairs against its predecessor but I’m sure it is going to be impressive.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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