Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

This post was written, tagged and edited, entirely on the Nokia N97 using Opera Mobile 10 beta, to simply demonstrate the power of this superb web browser. The image was also inserted via Share on Ovi using the mobile browser. Opera Mobile 10 is what Nokia need to look at when optimising the S60 browser. It would be great to have such a powerful browser pre-installed on all Nokia handsets. Check out my thoughts after the jump…

A Few Notes:

Opera Mobile 10 allows you to do many great things. You can copy and paste text directly from a web page, embed images and videos, and even multitask properly with multiple tabbed browsing. I did experienced one crash during the write up of this article, however something so minor should be taken with a pinch of salt considering the outcome of the final post. Furthermore, you can use most of the WordPress features, including the spell checker. You can also upload images from your device onto your server if you so wish.

I’ve tried to write articles on mobile devices using third party applications many times, however the options available through Opera Mobile 10 beta have finally allowed me to publish a finished piece. The Opera browser even allows you to preview the post, in a new tab if you like, to make sure it’s ready to be published. The only aspect of WordPress that never worked was the ability to edit using ‘visual mode,’ however I usually write in the html editor and so this wasn’t really a problem for me.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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