d8480bafabbe4523846d5630c288a2cc Update: Maemo Project | Just when you thought the project was over...

WOMWorld just dropped this bizarre video into my inbox regarding the Major Compete conundrum that was puzzling the nation a couple of weeks back. It seamed to be that once the “penguin” was found and clicked, your were in with a chance to win the Nokia N900 along with the BH-905 Bluetooth Headset. Apparently it doesn’t end there. Check out the video after the jump and leave your thoughts on what you make of it…

The email came with this short message: “Just when you thought the project was over…”

Update: Turns out that there has been many short snippets sent out to various bloggers, which all when put together, make up the clip shown exclusively to those who attended the Maemo Summit. Unfortunately the only recording there is of this clip, has a very poor audio and it’s very difficult as to what is being said. Check out the video below and see if you can make out what is being said (sounds like a discussion about the specs of the Nokia N900).

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