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Delay after delay and now we are finally here. Nokia has officially released the Nokia N97 mini, which was announced earlier last month, along with the new 2.0 Firmware (v20.0.019) for the older Nokia N97. The most anticipated firmware Nokia has ever released is now available, so get yourself near a PC, plug yourself in, and get updating. More details and thoughts after the jump…

The Nokia N97 mini is slightly smaller and more compact compared to the predecessor, and aims to iron out all the hardware problems the N97 posed. The navigation keys have been removed from the left hand side of the keyboard to the right, and are now in the form of arrows, just like on a desktop keyboard. The self harming lens cover has been removed and it is designed using more metallic detailing bringing it up to par with the E-series in terms of build quality.

New firmwares are generally released to either bring new features, improve the performance of the device or simply to fix any bugs. However the new features incorporated into the 2.0 firmware, completely transform the Nokia N97.

Both N97’s will now sport kinetic scrolling, making it much simpler to view larger pages or lists on the device. There has also been adjustments in the allocation of the phone memory, which will free up more storage memory on the device. The main features however are the inclusion of the new version of Ovi Maps and the ability to choose from a larger selection of homescreen widgets.

The new version of Ovi Maps will push the application even further, with the new ‘Good Things’ feature that will allow any user to bookmark any location, which will then be viewable by the rest of the world. There is also an improved service menu to make the navigation solution much simpler, and many bug fixes are included in the new version.

The larger selection of homescreen widgets allows the user to bring even more directly to the homescreen of the device. With the ability to have CNN and ESPN updating regularly on the homescreen, many more useful applications requested by you have been added to this catalogue.

Other improvements include visual enhancements to the Music Player/Photos applications, and the ability to insert symbols via a long press of the corresponding device; rather than multiple key presses previously required.

If you currently already own the Nokia N97 we highly recommend you update to the new 2.0 Firmware. Note that the update is free and available via the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and will gradually become available via FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air). Availability depends on regional location so for some product codes it may take longer than others. The Nokia N97 supports UDP (User Data Preservation) so it is not necessary to back up your device, however we still recommend you make a back up in case the update fails.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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