Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

The Nokia Beta Labs has just announced that the Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 Beta is now Graduated and is going public. They are also working towards placing Nokia Ovi Suite into product CD/DVDs in device sales boxes. Creating new products with this level of complexity is never easy. Last year, Nokia had many different PC application products, like Nokia PC Suite, Nokia Ovi Suite 1.0/1.1, Nokia Nseries PC Suite, Nokia Music, Nokia Software Updater, Nokia Map Loader, Nokia PC Suite Enterprise Edition etc etc, each having different targets, feature sets and design principles. This way of working didn’t lead anymore to any positive outcome, most of the effort was going into maintenance and minor improvements and prevented us from concentrating on new things, improving user experience and supporting other than Windows operating system.

So we started to really think, what are most important features from end user point of view, which they can’t survive without. Below you see one conceptual screenshot from Nokia Ovi Suite, which was explored during last year. Lots of end user surveying and explorations were done, before we decided the features for the first Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 release. But as you can see from screenshot, there are tons things, which we are thinking, evaluating and planning for upcoming Nokia Ovi Suite releases. Also change into Qt framework makes it easier from developer point of view and gives us possibility to support other operating systems, like Mac OSX in future.

Currently Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 supports exactly 142 different device models from Nokia (over 200, if you count in all different variants). Lots of issues found by you have been incorporated into product during the development.

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Great value Unlimited Broadband from an award winning provider

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